Guide to Healthy Cooking Hacks

Whether you are pursuing a healthier diet or simply missing an ingredient while in the middle of cooking, Rodeo Wagon has your back with cooking hacks! Check out our tips below.

Cooking Hacks



Planning a Wedding Reception Menu


It’s wedding season, can you hear the bells ringing? We are here to give you the down-low on everything you need to know about planning a reception menu.

When you find a potential caterer, plan a tasting (and don’t forget to have fun with it!) Remember, food is not only a meal! Food plays a significant role in our daily lives, especially special events with all the special people in your life.

Requesting guests in advance to provide their dietary restrictions and food allergies in advance will help determine the menu. With a variety taste buds at the wedding, the menu needs to appeal to a wide range of people.


Here are things to keep in mind:

– Allergies and dietary request, such shellfish, dairy and nuts
– Vegetarians – Make sure meals with no protein options are available
– Avoiding food that may be deemed as spicy
– The cleanliness factor: Is it easy to serve and eat? No one wants spaghetti sauce on their formal attire…
– Preservation of food – if you’re reception is outside, consider how to serve guests food without risk of spoiling it too quickly

Us at Rodeo Wagon are accustomed to building customized menus and understand the importance of creating a delicious meal that all guests can enjoy. This includes creating creative menus with staple items that are not difficult to serve, despite your dietary restrictions.


Developing an open, communicative bond with your caterer can change your wedding day mood from fatigue to fabulous. There’s a million and one things going on, make sure you stay energized throughout the big day. Before your wedding day, chat with your caterer about the menu items you’re particularly excited to try, and see if he or she can set some aside for you on the big day. Your caterer can also make sure that your dinner isn’t swept away too quickly or prepare a plate for you from the buffet so that you have a little more time to eat. Trust me, we know it makes a difference!

We want your day to be special, so please let us know any comments or suggestions on how we can do that for you at your next event.

Ciao for now!


Graduation Party Food Ideas

♪ Schools out, for summer! ♪

Congrats to all the graduates out there; now, it’s time to celebrate your success! Graduation parties (or any party) can be a lot of work, and I’m sure you’ve ran through the mental checklist of everything you need at least a million times… 
Date and time? Check ✔. Party location? Check ✔. Decorations? Check ✔. Sending invites to everyone you know? Check ✔. Now for the most important part — food. Your menu choice is a balancing act between budget and everyone’s food tastes, especially the graduates. Did someone say “BBQ”? The Rodeo Wagon knows all about that! As for the cherry on top, we keep it local with ingredients from local businesses.

You know what’s always a huge hit? “Build Your Own” food bars. This gives people the freedom to make their food exactly the way they enjoy! Keeping it western, a “Build Your Own Slider” bar is one way to make sure no one leaves with an empty stomach. We include all the works!

Guests top their 2 slider buns with chicken, pork or bison and dress them up with 4 toppings. Choose from sweet potatoes, blend of sliced cheeses, roasted peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, coleslaw, beets or pickles. BBQ, chipotle mayo, VOM FASS oil and vinegar and ketchup are available for the final touch.

Oh yeah, don’t forget Rodeo Wagon’s Award Winning Triple Cheesy Mac n Cheese. Mmm.. Tasty.

Kenison wedding_mac2
Rodeo Wagon’s Award Winning Triple Cheesy Mac n Cheese, Taste of Madison 2017


Not feeling BBQ? How about a more summer-themed dish? Our island pork is boasting with sweet, sour, and teriyaki flavors and garnished with pineapple.

Island Pork with pineapple

Not every party is has a long invite list. If it’s a more intimate setting, how about seafood? Nothing better than Cajun infused Gumbo featuring Andouille, chicken, and vegetables, topped with a crawfish boil and served with corn on the cob.

Cajun gumbo, crawfish and corn on the cob

Are you hungry yet?

Rodeo Wagon is here for your catering needs and to help take off the stress of preparing food for your next big event. We have a staple menu of meals people enjoy, but we also create customized menus to ensure your party is just as delicious as it is delightful.

Stay tuned for more foodie talks!