Party Ideas for 4th of July Summer Bash


4th of July is less than one week away, but you still have plenty of time to prepare for your patriotic party. BBQ’s and Pot Lucks are the easiest for everyone to participate in having holiday fun. Ask guests to bring side dishes and drinks, and remind them to wear Red, White and Blue for extra holiday fun! Don’t feel like cooking? Hire a caterer to assist with throwing a fun, stress-free summer party with delicious food for everyone.

DIY decorations are the way to go when throwing party now-a-days. Stars, stripes, flags, and anything red, white and blue can be found at any dollar store. Just stock up on 4th of July products and get crafty! The options are endless; You can decorate mason jars with glitter, cut out stars from cardboard, tie RWB ribbon around chairs – don’t be shy to show your American pride!

You can always stick with the traditional BBQ buffet of burgers, hot dogs, watermelon, potato salad and sweet teas. But why not add a little twist?

Caprese Kabobs are always a hit! Easy to make, enjoy and clean up. Who’s complaining?


If you wanted to incorporate the 4th of July theme with your kabob, you can just cut your fruit or vegetables in star shapes!

Holidays are the perfect excuse to be “extra” with your beverage presentation. Show your patriotic side by preparing easy 4th of July cocktails to your guests that are over 21, along with non-alcoholic drinks. Serving snow cones with cherry and berry flavors is an easy way to appease all age groups. This allows the kids to have fun making snow cones, and gives the option for adults to add alcohol to their snow cones. Everyone is happy! 🙂

Grab all your friends and huddle around the fire pit, it’s time for strawberry smores! This puts a fun, healthy twist on traditional smores where guests of all ages can still participate. Just place the strawberry on the skewer, slightly melt the marshmellow, and fuse the two together. Hold both over the flame while rotating, and cook till toasted enough for your liking! You might never go back to eating regular smores again.

Raise your flags high and have your party sparkle like a firework!
Do you have any 4th of July traditions? We’d love you to share!



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