Food Ideas for Summer Parties


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As we enter the summer months, it means pool parties, BBQs, beach adventures and  warm nights fill up our calendars. We have compiled a list of food tips that can help  when serving food at your next summer party.

Provide options for your guests. Consider providing vegetarian options in addition to your main course.

One of our favorites is Rodeo Wagon’s Smokey Summer Quinoa Salad. This features smoked paprika and citrus flavors. This is a great option for summer events when you aren’t sure how many diners are vegetarian since protein options can be served on the side.

Smokey Summer Quinoa Salad

We recommend having a self-serve style so guests can add their own toppings, condiments, ect. This principal also extends to beverages served. Include both alcohol, for your guests who are over 21, and non-alcoholic beverages so everyone has the option. And always be sure to have water! It’s easy to quickly become dehydrated during the summer time.

When feeding several people, you want to try and avoid spills and messes. Serving food that is easy to serve, eat and clean up after is ideal. That’s why we recommend serving kabobs. You can prepare a variety of kabobs, such as even fruit or veggie kabobs on a hot day!

fruit kabobs_graduation       kebob

Interactive food stations are always fun! Set up a sundae station where guests can cool down by enjoying a personalized sundae. They can load up on sprinkles or have double cherries – the possibilities are endless! Interactive food stations aren’t just for dessert.

Here at Rodeo Wagon, we like to get creative. We offer a mashed potato sundae bar. Guests start with mashed potatoes in a sundae cup and have the choice of adding the following toppings: gravy, sausage, bacon, cheddar cheese, broccoli, sour cream, chives or roasted peppers. This puts a fun twist on your main course!

Keeping menu options flexible and fun is always the best route. Rodeo Wagon is here to help!

Most importantly, have fun! That’s what parties are for, right?





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